An Ode to the House of Blues

House Of Blues Chicago 1

The first House of Blues I stepped into was in Chicago in 2003. I went for a pint and some live blues music, but what really blew me away was a total surprise. Every wall was covered with folk art paintings & sculptures and all the surfaces in between were filled with hand-painted, colorful designs – dots, swirls, skulls, flowers, you name it. I couldn’t believe how much art was everywhere. This place is really unique!

The HoB combines two of my favorite things in a beautiful way: blues music and folk art. If you happen to be into Southern soul food, you might also find that appealing, but for me, that’s not really a highlight. I’ve now also visited Houses of Blues in New Orleans and Las Vegas – they all have a similar vibe, but the Chicago location will always have a special place in my heart.

House Of Blues Chicago 2 2

Both folk art and traditional blues music come from ordinary people and are windows into communities’ histories and cultures. They are personal, raw, emotional, and honest – in a way that often feels different from trained artists or other music genres. The blues and folk art perfectly complement each other and the HoB is the ideal home for them.

To this day, every time I visit Chicago I make a point to stop by the House of Blues. The art and decorations still leave me in awe, and the blues music is always on point – especially in Chicago! If you haven’t yet been to the HoB, put it on your list – you won’t be disappointed!