You Can’t Hide Your Stupid Face Behind Your Stupid Mask Behind Your Stupid Hat

13 Γ— 20 Γ— 10 cm | 5 Γ— 8 Γ— 4 in

Materials: Cardboard, acrylic paint, gold leaf, metal wire, plastic beads, semi-precious stones, peacock feathers.

Made for a very tiny person, this satirical mask conceals and transforms the wearer’s face, as masks do, while exploring concepts of identity and what we outwardly present. The mask itself is of a long-nosed white man with an artificially bright orange skin tone covered in black paint. IRL this is more subtle than it may sound, in part because it is obscured by an ostentatious hat – essentially creating two levels of facades between the wearer and the outside world. Oddly though, if the goal is to hide oneself, this chapeau is anything but camouflage. It is decorated with peacock feathers, colorful stones, and shiny beads, which calls even more attention to the wearer. This juxtaposition epitomizes the compounded veneers we construct to obscure our authentic selves from others. Masks compel us to confront the truths of what we cover up, what we reveal, and how we choose to be seen.